Parallel Sessions I

Monday, 14:30-16:10

Session Ia

20' McGovern Compton scattering from the proton at NLO in the chiral expansion
20' Gedalin Effective chiral theory for pseudoscalar and vector mesons
20' Cozma PP bremsstrahlung and low energy NN interaction
20' Cabrera Chiral approach to the rho meson in nuclear matter
20' Fernandez Quark Model Study of NN*(1440) Components of the Deuteron

Session Ib

20'  Belyaev  Microscopic description of eta-photoproduction on light nuclei
20' Moricciani Meson photoproduction at GRAAL
20' Deloff Determination of pN scattering lengths from pionic
 hydrogen and pionic deuterium data
20' Geren  Pionic fusion study of the halo nucleus 6He in the reaction
d + 4He -> 6He + p+ at CELSIUS
20' Ulicny Measurement of the p + 6Li -> 7Be + reaction near threshold energies

Session Ic

20' Keil Single particle properties of L hypernuclei in the density dependent hadron field theory
20' Hiyama Four-body calculation of 4HL and 4HeL with realistic YN and NN interactions
20' Kamimura How does nucleus shrink by participation of a  L hyperon?
20' Nakazawa LL interaction indicated by the 6HeLL from KEK-E373 
20' Nemura Three-, four- and five-body calculations of s-shell hypernuclei 
with realistic interactions

Last update: 1 July, 2001
J. Mares