Parallel Sessions II

Monday, 16:40-18:20

Session IIa

20' Karmanov Stability of bound states in the light-front Yukawa model
20' Julia-Diaz Quark Model Study of the Triton Bound State
20' Kolybasov New polarization test for D-isobar admixture in 3He
20' Levin Asymptotical structure of the three-body Coulomb Green function
for the case of two charged particles
20' Yuan Triton Two-Body Photo Disintegration with D-Isobar Excitation 

Session IIb

20' Bermuth Measurement of the electric neutron form factor Gen in the reaction ^3\vec {He}(\vec{e},e'n) at momentum transfer Q2=0.67(GeV/c)2
20' Branford Investigation of  D medium effects using the 4He(g, p+n) reaction
20' Schumacher Polarizabilities of proton and neutron investigated by Compton scattering on the proton and light nuclei
20' Montagna Single and multi-nucleon antiproton-4He annihilation at rest
20' Krutenkova The ITEP study of inclusive pion double charge exchange: experiment and interpretation

Session IIc

20' Wycech pLS Coupling Extracted from Hyperonic Atoms
20' Stepaniak Some features of the pd -> ppnp0 reaction at 1.037 GeV
20' Truhlik On radiative muon capture in hydrogen
20' Palomar Meson exchange in the weak decay of L hypernuclei and the Gn/Gp ratio
20' Smejkal Electromagnetic isoscalar rpg exchange current and the anomalous action

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