Parallel Sessions III

Tuesday, 14:20-15:40

Session IIIa

20' Schweiger Two-quark correlations in the hard electromagnetic nucleon form factors
20' Melde Meson dynamics and the resulting "3-Nucleon-Force'' diagrams:
Results from a simplified test case
20' Gainutdinov Retardation effects from quark confinement on low-energy
 hadron dynamics
20' Mutygullina Quark-gluon retardation effects and an anomalous off-shell behavior of the two-nucleon amplitudes

Session IIIb

20' Lukstins Progress of the nuclotron accelerator and the hypernuclear program
20' Khoukaz Near threshold K+K- meson-pair production in proton-proton collisions
20' Holvoet Helicity dependence of pion photoproduction on the nucleon and the GDH sum rule
20' Matsuda Phase-shift analysis for proton-helium scattering at 4.0 - 200 MeV

Session IIIc

20' Garcia-Recio Optical Potentials in Kaonic Atoms
20' Cieply Low-energy K- optical potentials: deep or shallow?
20' Tolos  Finite temperature effects on the Kbar optical potential
20' Aristizabal Non-mesonic Weak Decay of Hypernuclei and Nuclear Structure

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J. Mares