Parallel Sessions IV

Tuesday, 16:10-17:30

Session IVa

20' Jaeger Photoproduction of heavy quarkonia
20' Wagenbrunn Electromagnetic and axial nucleon form factors in point form
20' Caillon Collective modes and Landau parameters in relativistic non-linear models
20' Lemaire S, P, D, F, G-waves KN phase shifts in a constituent quark model with a spin orbit interaction

Session IVb

20' Dillig Heavy flavour QQbar admixture in the proton and its test in exclusive hadronic processes
20' Sato Study of charm production in neutrino interactions
20' Norvaisas Dibarions in the Skyrme model
20' Machavariani Separation of the quark and meson degrees of freedom in the relativistic field-theoretical equations

Session IVc

20' Tretyakova Production of neutron-rich L hypernuclei by the (K-,p+) and (p-,K+) reactions via S doorway states
20' Miyagawa Electromagnetic K+ production on the deuteron with hyperon recoil polarization
20' Lanskoy Composition and properties of multi-strange hypernuclear systems 
20' Majling 10BeL and  10BL Hypernuclei: A Clue to Some Puzzles in Non-mesonic Weak Decay

Last update: 1 July, 2001
J. Mares