Poster Session

Thursday, 17:00-19:00

 E. Gedalin, 
A. Moalem, L. Razdolskaya
Pseudoscalar meson mixing in effective field theory
 E. Gedalin, 
A. Moalem, L. Razdolskaya
Is the ChPT heavy fermion formalism applicable to meson
 L. Yuan Magnetic form factors of trinucleon 
M. Suleymanov Critical behaviour of the characteristics of hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions  depending on the centrality degree of collisions
M. Dillig Gluonic Fusion in Exclusive Nearthreshold Meson-Production in Proton-Proton Collisions
A. Machavariani The field-theoretical description of the gp -> p'p'g' reaction in the D resonance region and determination of the magnetic moment of the D+ resonance.
E. Truhlik
On the pion electroproduction amplitude
I. Bednarek,
R. Manka
The nucleon and meson effective masses in the RMF theory
 A. Krutenkova
Search for medium effects in backward pion deuteron quasielastic scattering on 6Li
S. Wycech
Final state interactions in the hd system
L. Majling
10BeL and 10BL hypernuclei on the nuclotron
J. E. Palomar Burdeus
Pion and kaon vector form factors and some applications

Last update: 1 July, 2001
J. Mares