Mesons & Light Nuclei
Prague-Pruhonice, Czech Republic
August 31 - September 4, 1998

organized by
Institute of Nuclear Physics
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Rez


J. Arvieux (Saclay)                        V.B. Belyaev (Dubna)          T.W. Donnelly (MIT)
D. Drechsel (Mainz)                      A. Gal (Jerusalem)                F.L. Gross (W & M, Jefferson.Lab.)
O. Hashimoto (Tohoku)                 E.V. Hungerford (Houston)  N. Isgur (Jefferson Lab.) Jager (Jefferson Lab.)  F.C. Khanna (Edmonton)      S. Kowalski (MIT-Bates)
D.F. Measday (UBC)                    T. Motoba (Osaka)                B. Nefkens (UCLA)
E. Oset (Valencia)                          R.J. Peterson (Colorado)     W. Plessas (Graz),
G. van der Steenhoven (NIKHEF)                                               J.A. Tjon (Utrecht)


J. Adam        P. Bydzovsky        A. Cieply        J. Dobes
R. Mach        J. Mares (chairman)        M. Sotona
conference secretary: R. Novotna


The conference is the 7th in the series of meetings held previously at Liblice 74 and 81, Bechyne 85 and 88, Prague 91, and Straz pod Ralskem 95. It retains its traditional name in spite of being devoted to a broader field of the intermediate energy nuclear physics these days. Particularly, the non-nucleonic degrees of freedom in nuclei, interactions of mesons and antinucleons with nuclei, few body systems, exotic atoms and hypernuclear physics will be among topics covered.
          The list of speakers of previous meetings includes representative and top specialists in the field. An appropriate place has been given to young physicists for presentation of their results, as well. We always aimed at arranging convenient conditions and enough space to enable people to discuss  new developments also in more informal ways. It is our tradition that conference activities including accommodation and meal serving are concentrated in one place. This makes quite sincere atmosphere of the meetings which has been highly appreciated by participants. Of course, we would like to follow the best of the previous conferences also in the one being organized.


        interaction of mesons with nuclei                 hadron dynamics
        electroweak interactions in nuclei           hypernuclear physics
        few-body systems                                                  exotic atoms


K. Baker (Hampton/Jefferson Lab.)   Kaon and pion form factor
J.-E. Ducret (Saclay)        T_20 measurement at CEBAF
P. Heimberg (VU Amsterdam)     Recent results from NIKHEF (review)
T.Johansson (Uppsala)     Threshold meson production
N.Kaiser (Muenchen)          Baryon chiral perturbation theory
R. Lebed (Jefferson Lab.)   NN interactions in QCD: Old and new techniques. (review)
H. Lee (Argonne)                 Pion production in nucleon collisions
D.F. Measday (UBC)        The nuclear physics of muon capture
H. Merkel (Mainz)             Electro-and photoproduction of mesons at MAMI (review)
H.Noumi (KEK)                  Lambda hypernuclear spectroscopy by (pi,K) reaction
M.Oka (Tokyo IT)              Quark models of baryon-baryon interactions
A.Ramos (Barcelona)         KN interaction and kaons in nuclear medium
G.Smith (TRIUMF)            Low energy piN scattering
A.Stadler (Evora)               New results in spectator approach (review)

       Morning and afternoon sessions will be opened by invited talks related to the particular topic of the conference. They will be followed by contributed talks. We ask for submission of the titles and short abstracts of contributions. From these, talks will be selected for oral presentation at the conference.


     The conference proceedings will be published by the World Scientific Publishing Co.,Inc . Your contribution is allocated ceratin number of pages according to the length of your oral presentation as follows:

  • invited talk          14 pages
  • 30 minutes            8 pages
  • 25 or 20 minutes   6 pages
  • 15 minutes             4 pages

    Please, use the corresponding style files.

    The acceptance of papers into the proceedings will be based on the common journal refereeing system.
    We will collect the manuscripts

    during the conference.

    If not ready at that time, please, deliver the manuscript as soon as possible,

    30 September the latest.


        During the week following the conference, 7-11 September, the XIth Indian-Summer School on Intermediate Energy Physics will take place in Prague. About 5 distinguished speakers will deliver lectures aimed at undergraduate and graduate students.

  •      Pruhonice is located a few km south of Prague; municipal transport (METRO) is accessible by bus within 12 minutes.
         The place is famous for its castle with a beautiful  park. The castle was founded in the 12th century; the Church of the Birth of Our Lady was consecrated in 1187. The castle was renovated in 1889-1894 and rebuilt in the romantic style. At the same time count A.E. Silva- Tarouca established the park which has become well known in the world of architectural landscape gardening. There are nearly 7000 Rhododendrons and more than 1000 sorts of trees and bushes in the park.
         The Conference Center  provides a comfortable accommodation and good working conditions for the meeting.
         Many interesting diversions await you in the surrounding area. You might spend some time bowling or playing tennis at the Hotel Pruhonice Sport Center or you might visit a swimming pool or sauna at the Conference Center. Eventually, you might be more interested in beer tasting in a local micro brewery.


    Full board and lodging will be provided at the Conference Center Hotel FLORET and neighboring hotels MAGNOLIA and PARKHOTEL.
    The prices of housing (bed+breakfast) are:
                 single           double
        FLORET (***)          $35/night           $20/night
        MAGNOLIA (***)          $45/night          $34/night
        PARKHOTEL (***)          $55/night          $34/night

    Price of the 6 day lunch+dinner package at the Conference Center is $80.



         Advanced registration accompanied by the registration fee of $200 is required. THE REGISTRATION FORM MUST BE RETURNED BY 15 MAY, 1998. An additional charge of $20 (i.e., registration fee of $220) will be required for all registrations received after that date. The fee covers conference registration, proceedings, coffee, and conference social activities (concert, conference dinner, excursion). The fee for accompanying persons is $70.
    Those who register will obtain the information about methods of payment by email.


        We have been searching for financial support for the conference. If we are successful we would be able to provide some support for a limited number of participants, preferentially students and young scientists.


    Advanced registration deadline: 15 May
    Deadline for abstracts:              29 May
    Deadline for hotel reservation:  26 June


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