Indian-Summer School of Physics

Prague, Czech Republic

Indian-Summer School is a series of summer courses on various topics of physics which has been held annually in Prague and its vicinity since 1988. It is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, postdocs and researchers in the field. The school has been organized by Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS, sometimes together with Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague or Faculty of Nuclear Siences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

Each year of the School has its own website. This page contains links to them:

2009: Nuclear Many-Body Problem, Rez/Prague

2008: Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium, Rez/Prague

2007: Few-Body Techniques & EFT, Rez/Prague

2006: Strangeness & hypernuclei, Rez/Prague

2005: Effective field theories, Rez/Prague

2004: Understanding neutrinos, Prague

2003: Understanding dense matter, Prague

2002: School was cancelled due to floods

2001: Understanding the structure of hadrons, Prague

2000: Understanding the structure of hadrons, Prague

1999: Relativistic heavy-ion physics - RHIP '99, Prague

1998: Mesons and Light Nuclei, Prague

1997: Theory of Many-Fermion Systems, Prague

1996: Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics, Prague

1995: Hadron Dynamics at Low and Intermediate Energies, Prague

1994: Electron Scattering from Nucleons and Nuclei, Prague

1993: Interaction in Hadronic Systems, Prague

1992: Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions of Particles with Nuclei, Sazava

1991: Mesons and Light Nuclei, Sazava

1990: Introduction to Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions, Sazava

1989: Nuclear Processes, Sazava

1988: Nuclear Models, Sazava