2nd Indian-Summer School on Intermediate Energy Physics


Sazava, Czechoslovakia, September 1989

Organized by
the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Rez/Prague

Organizing Committee:
P.Bydzovsky, J.Mares, and P.Navratil


E. Betak (Bratislava): Heavy-Ion Reactions at Low Energies
J.Cejpek (Rez): Polarization Effects in Nuclear Reactions
J.Dobes (Rez): Theory of Nuclear Reactions
J.Dolejsi (Prague): The Glauber Model
M.Sotona (Rez): Production of Hypernuclei in Nuclear Reactions
M.Sumbera (Rez): Model Description of Heavy-Ion Collisions
J.Tucek (Rez): Applications of Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics
J.Zofka (Rez): Production of Hypernuclei at High Energies

May, 1996