4th Indian-Summer School on Intermediate Energy Physics


Sazava, Czechoslovakia, September 9 - 15, 1991

Organized by
the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Rez/Prague

Organizing Committee:
J.Adam, P.Bydzovsky, A.Cieply, J.Mares, P.Navratil, and O.Richter


H. P. Blok (Amsterdam): Knock out Reactions Induced by High Energy Electrons
P. J. Brussaard (Utrecht): Relativistic MEC in the DIP Region of Electron Scattering
S. Chakravati (Pomona): Spin Excitation of Nuclei by Pions
D. Dehnhard (Mineapolis): Pion Scattering and Reaction on Polarized Nuclei
S. Gmuca (IP Bratislava): Relativistic Optical Potentials Constrained by a Mean Field Approach
K. Ikeda (Niigata): Structure of Hypernuclei with S=-1 and S=-2
S. S. Kamalov (Dubna): Theory of Nuclear Pion Photoproduction
F. C. Khanna (Edmonton): Relativistic Two Body Problem
R. Mach (Rez): Spin Effects in Pion Scattering on Nuclei
M. Sanzone (Genova): Two Body Photodisintegration of the Deuteron: a review
M. G. Saposhnikov (Dubna): New Trends in Studies of Antiproton Nucleus Annihilation
C. Schaerf (Roma): Photonuclear Reactions
S. K. Singh (Aligargh): Neutrino Reactions in Nuclei at intermediate energies
K. Wehrberger (Darmstadt): Loop Expansions in Relativistic Nuclear Physics. Role of DELTA Baryon in Relativistic Nuclear Physics
Y. Yamamoto (Tsuru): Hypernuclei + Effective YN & YY Interactions


J. Adam (Rez): Relativistic Corrections and Unitary Equivalence
A. D'Angelo (Roma): Polarized Gamma Ray Beams: Physics and Technology
P. Fernandez de Cordoba (Valencia): Mesonic LAMBDA Decay and the Occupant Number
H. Henning (Hannover): Form Factors of Two and Three Nucleon Systems
A. G. Reuber (Juelich): Hyperon Nucleon Interaction in Nuclei

May, 1996