7th Indian-Summer School on Intermediate Energy Physics


Prague, Czech Republic, September 1 - 10, 1994

Organized by
the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Rez/Prague
the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University,

Organizing Committee:
J. Adam, P. Bydzovsky, A. Cieply, J. Mares, P. Tlusty (Rez) J. Dolejsi (Prague)


W. Boeglin (Mainz): Coincidence Experiments with Electrons
S. Boffi (Pavia): Exclusive Nuclear Response to an Electromagnetic Probe
J. van den Brand (Wisconsin): Polarized Internal Target Experiments: A New Technique in Spin-Dependent Electron Scattering
P. J. Brussaard (Utrecht): Electron Scattering from Nuclei in the Dip Region
A.Buchmann (Tuebingen): Electromagnetic Properties of One and Two-Baryon Systems in the Quark Potential Model
C.Ciofi degli Atti (Perugia): Inclusive and Semi-Inclusive Lepton Scattering off Nuclei and Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations
T. W. Donnelly (MIT): Parity-Violating Electron Scattering from Nucleons and Nuclei
F. C. Khanna (Edmonton): Deep Inelastic Scattering on Protons and Deuteron Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Nuclear Systems
U.-G. Meissner (Strasbourg): The Standard Model at Low Energies: Structure of the Nucleon
J. W. van Orden (CEBAF): A Covariant Description of the Deuteron
P. U. Sauer (Hannover): The Two-Nucleon Systems above Pion Threshold in Hadronic and Electromagnetic Processes


The written form of the lectures was published in the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, Vol. 45 (1995), No. 2, pp: 97 - 207 (Boffi, Donnelly, Meissner, and Van Orden) and No. 4/5, pp: 289 - 438 (Boeglin, van den Brand, Khanna and Sauer). The lectures by A.Buchmann were published separatelly in Czech. J. Phys. 46 (1996) p. 405.

May, 1996