Copies of the lectures that are available:
(files are in the form *.tar.gz)

A. Kugler (NPI Rez):
HADES (3.1 MB)

H. Loehner (KVI Groningen):
Detectors and techniques used in experimental relativistic heavy-ion physics (3.8 MB)

S. Schramm (GSI&Frankfurt):
Effective chiral models of nuclear matter and nuclei (2.2 MB)

Y. Schutz (SUBATECH):
Photon physics at URHIC (1.7 MB)

Contributions to the proceedings:
(files are in the form *.ps.gz)

Y. Schutz (SUBATECH): Photon physics at ultrarelativistic-energy heavy-ion collisions

A.V. Koshelkin (Moscow): Two-particle Green's functions in non-equilibrium matter

O.V. Utyuzh (Warsaw) et al.: The fractal properties of the source and BEC

Bedangadas Mohanty (Bhubaneswar) : Search for disoriented chiral condensates in 158.A GeV Pb+Pb collisions in WA98 experiment

N. Yahlali (Valencia) : Commissioning of the pion beam facility at SIS-GSI

R. Arnaldi (Torino) : Charmonium production in Pb -- Pb collisions at 158 AGeV

S. Schramm (GSI Darmstadt) : Effective chiral models of nuclear matter and nuclei

F. Arleo (SUBATECH) : Charmonium cross section from p-A production

G. Martinez (SUBATECH) : A photon detector for relativistic heavy ion collisions

H. Loehner (KVI Groningen) : Detectors and techniques in relativistic heavy ion physics

A. Kugler (NPI Rez) : High acceptance di-electron spectrometer - tool for study of hadron properties in the nuclear medium