hotel of Czech Technical University

How to reach the place
Location of the hotel (the site of the school) is indicated by the red square+arrow


Traffic channels

  • Subway - station (terminal) "Dejvicka"  (line A) 
  • Bus - no. 119 from the airport, stop (terminal) "Dejvicka".
  • Tram - no. 2, 20

Arriving by plane:
take either public transport or taxi - NOT RECOMMENDED!!! (the stop is in front of the arrival/departure hall).
If you choose the bus, please, proceed as follows:
Take bus No.119 (the stop is behind the road and parking place in front of the hall, about 100 meters) up to the  terminal which is just at the Metro station DEJVICKA (line A, green one).  Use this line and change at the station MUSEUM for the line C  (red one), direction HOLESOVICE. Get off at the terminal station - Holesovice.
Exit in the direction BUS indicated on the information board. There are bus stops (terminal) in front of the station
(see enclosed map). Take any of buses 102, 144, 156, and 175.  The first stop (its name is Kuchynka, or Pelc-Tyrolka for line 102) immediately after the bridge is your stop to get off. The dormitory  (hostel) is in a walking distance, on the other side of the highway. There are two 20-floor towers with the sign "HOTEL" on the top. Enter the reception of the building A and refer to  "RHIP 99".

            The price of one (transfer) ticket is 12 Kc /person . The ticket is valid for 60 minutes. The tickets are to be bought in advance (e.g., in the newspaper stand at the airport) and should be invalidated after entering the bus (tram)  in a device installed near the door or  by the Metro (subway) entrance. Tourist passes for one or more days are also available.

Arriving by train
Prague Main Railway Station (Praha hl.n.) - take Metro (line  C) direction  HOLESOVICE. Further  follow
instruction given above.
Prague Holesovice Railway Station  is directly at the Metro terminal line C - follow above instructions.

Arriving  by  car

follow  (from  the city center)  the radial connection  south-north  in  direction  DRESDEN, TEPLICE.
Turn to the right (direction TROJA) immediately  after  passing
over the river the second time (the  bridge  BARIKADNIKU).  You
arrive directly to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics  (red circle on the map).
Registration  is in a  walking distance.