Program in detail


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9:15-10:10 Bressani 1 Gal 1 Weise 1 Weise 2 Friedman 1
10:10-10:40 coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
10:40-11:35 Lenske 1 Tamura 2 Gal 2 Haensel 1 Haensel 2
11:40-12:35 Tamura 1 Lenske 2 Schumacher 1 Pochodzalla 1 Pochodzalla 2
12:35-14:15 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
14:15-15:10 Ramos 1 Ramos 2 Schumacher 2
15:10-15:40 coffee coffee coffee
15:40-16:35 Botta 1 Botta 2 seminars 3
16:40-17:40 seminars 1 seminars 2 seminars 4
welcome party


T. Bressani: Hypernuclei - introduction and historical overview
H. Lenske: Production of hypernuclei
R. Schumacher: Electroproduction of strangeness
H. Tamura: Spectroscopy of hypernuclei - experiment
A. Gal: Spectroscopy of hypernuclei - theory   
J. Pochodzalla: Double strangeness hypernuclei
E. Botta: Weak decays of hypernuclei (FINUDA,KEK) - experiment
A. Ramos: Weak decays of hypernuclei - theory
P. Haensel: Hyperons in neutron stars
W. Weise: Antikaon-nucleon and antikaon-nucleus interaction
E. Friedman: Exotic atoms with strangeness


seminars 1:
D. Nakajima: Overview of the HypHI Phase 0 and 0.5 experiments at GSI
C. Rappold: Trigger and Analysis methods for the HypHI experiment

seminars 2:
T. Gogami: Medium-heavy hypernuclei spectroscopic experiment JLab E05-115
S. Hirose: Prototype Plastic Scintillator Testing for KAOS experiment at Mainz

seminars 3:
Chhanda Samanta: Generalised mass formula for non-strange, strange and multi-strange nuclei
S. Stoica: Analytic continuation of the K matrix formalism

seminars 4:
A. Perez-Obiol: Resonance saturation of hypernuclear decay
P. Aslanyan: The observed exotic di-hyperon states