Information about the topics and speakers of the previous years:

2013: Understanding Hot & Dense QCD Matter

2012: Understanding Neutrinos, Prague

2011: Physics at FAIR, Rez/Prague

2010: Strangeness Nuclear Physics, Rez/Prague

2009: Nuclear Many-Body Problem, Rez/Prague

2008: Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium, Rez/Prague

2007: Few-Body Techniques & EFT, Rez/Prague

2006: Strangeness & hypernuclei, Rez/Prague

2005: Effective field theories, Rez/Prague

2004: Understanding neutrinos, Prague

2003: Understanding dense matter, Prague

2002: School was cancelled due to floods

2001: Understanding the structure of hadrons, Prague

2000: Understanding the structure of hadrons, Prague

1999: Relativistic heavy-ion physics - RHIP '99, Prague

1998: Mesons and Light Nuclei, Prague

1997: Theory of Many-Fermion Systems, Prague

1996: Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics, Prague

1995: Hadron Dynamics at Low and Intermediate Energies, Prague

1994: Electron Scattering from Nucleons and Nuclei, Prague

1993: Interaction in Hadronic Systems, Prague

1992: Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions of Particles with Nuclei, Sazava

1991: Mesons and Light Nuclei, Sazava

1990: Introduction to Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions, Sazava

1989: Nuclear Processes, Sazava

1988: Nuclear Models, Sazava