1. Department of Theoretical Physics
1.1 Relativistic Methods for Few-Body Systems
1.2 Weak Interaction in Light Nuclei and Extraction of gp
1.3 Algebraic Models of Neutron-Proton Pairing
1.4 K- Nucleus Potential Consistent with Kaonic Atoms
1.5 Electroproduction of Strangeness and Hypernuclear Spectroscopy
1.6 Macroscopic Quantum Phases in Dense Deconfined QCD Matter
1.7 Bound States of the Pauli Operator with an Anomalous Magnetic Moment
1.8 Classical Scalar Field in an Oscillator Region
1.9 New Ways Towards Feasible Perturbation Calculations

2. Department of Nuclear Spectroscopy
2.1 Search for an Admixture of Heavy Neutrinos in the b-Decay of 241Pu
2.2 Studies of Nuclei by Means of Nuclear Orientation at Low Temperatures and In-Beam Spectroscopy
2.3 Development and Applications of Neutron Activation Analysis
2.4 HADES- Tool for Study of Hadron Properties in the Nuclear Medium
2.5 Experiment ALICE
2.6 Search for the Chiral Phase Transition at CERN SPS

3. Department of Neutron Physics
3.1 In Situ Mechanical Tests of Metals at the High-Resolution Neutron Diffractomreter
3.2 Investigation of Porosity in Thermally Treated Alumina by High –Resolution Small-Angle Scattering
3.3 Characterization of Precipitate Morphology in CMSX3 Single-Crystal Superalloy by SANS
3.4 Particle Size and Other Matrix Effects in PIXE Analysis
3.5 Measurement of Two-Step Cascades in the 107Ag (n,g) reaction
3.6 Upgrading the RBS Facility in the Nuclear Physics Institute
3.7 High Fluence Boron Implantation into Polyethyleneterephtalate and Polyimide

4. Department of Nuclear Reactions
4.1 Investigation of the Exotic Nuclei Far from the Beta-Stability Line
4.2 Search for the Excited State of  3H by the D(d,pd)n Reaction
4.3 The 10B( 7Be, 8Be) 9Be Reaction and the 7Be(p,g) 8B S Factor
4.4 Fast Neutron Facilities on U-120 M Cyclotron
4.5 Pole Structure of the 3/2+ Resonance in 5He and n+a Scattering Observables
4.6 Determination of 16O(p, g) 17F S Factors from Proton Transfer Reactions

5. Department of Radiation Dosimetry
5.1 Microdosimetry and Radiation Biophysics
5.2 Spectrometry of Linear Energy Transfer in High Energy Charged Particle Beams for Radiotherapy
5.3 Contamination of Prague Atmosphere by 85Kr
5.4 Registration Efficiency of Charged Particles in Polymer Track Detectors

6. Department of Radiopharmaceuticals
6.1 Production and Regional Distribution of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose /2-[18F]-FDG/ Using GEMS FDG MicroLab and GEMS Target on the U-120M Cyclotron in NPI
6.2 Development and Production of the 81Rb/81mKr Radionuclide Generator in NPI
6.3 Study Preparation of 166Ho Labelled Compounds for the Endoradiotherapy and Skin Cancer Therapy

7. Department of Accelerators
7.1 The Cyclotron Upgrade
7.2 New Control System of the Cyclotron U-120M
7.3 Liquid Target for 18F Production

J. Mares